Mirroring the other, helping him see what is – what belongs to him, what belongs to the other.
Isn’t that what therapy or coaching is supposed to trigger ?

We are all a reflection.

How we see others, is only a reflection of what we are.

Take a moment to think about it.
We can only physically or sensitively recognize what we already know. What we already have.
As if two identical molecules were to meet and immediately recognize and attract one other just because they can SEE each other. If they were not identical, they would not be able to recognize each other. The other would be invisible. Just like a specific shade of color is invisible for a color blind person. Or a sound for a deaf person.

We see what we can see in others. We see what we are interested in. We see what rings a bell. We see what reassures. We are all the same.

Think about this next time you find someone annoying, too much, boring, funny, stingy, tight up.
I know, the exercise is not easy. And mostly unpleasant.

SO Imagine. You wake up one morning in a horrible mood.  A family issue that instantly creates a knot in your stomach, reminding you instinctively of a whole serie of similar unpleasant moments. You drag yourself out of your lair – you have no choice, one has to eat –  and try to manage your social life by sticking on your face what you believe is your ultimate reasonable smile.

At that very moment, you have to be strong : instead of shoving, as you usually love to, everything to the other’s face – try the ultimate move : look at yourself.

Most people work on a reactive mode. The more sensitive the person, the more reactive she will grow.
It takes a huge dose of zen to be able to recognize an emotion – yours or somebodies –  and just let it pass before you, without making it yours.
You still wonder why so many people anesthetize themselves with alcohol or psychotropic drugs?

Take a break. Breathe. The other is just a mirror that indicates you in which state you are.

I know, it sucks.

But what if we decided not to be fools anymore?
What if we began to understand and use that tool? 

Think about it. Wouldn’t it be powerful if we could manage to look in ourselves through the mirror held by the other, therefore spreading lights of consciousness on our real state of mind. And by reaction, lightening up the shadows of the person in front?

Imagine the powerful virtuous circle this could become?


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